Collection: Inspiration Spas

The Best Hydrotherapy Experience

Inspiration's range of hot tubs are ideal for therapy on neck muscles, shoulders and hips to relax and reduce daily stress. Featuring the unique Air-X precision soft tissue massage system, their hot tubs provide precise therapy that targets problem areas and leaves you feeling soothed and rejuvenated.

The Luxury Features You Want  

The Affordability & Reliability You Need  

Energy Efficiencies That Make Sense  

The Durability To Last a Lifetime  

With a diverse, high-quality product selection, Inspiration Spas has the perfect hot tub to suit your wants and needs.

The success of Inspiration Spas is anchored in their commitment to providing state-of-the-art engineering and “best in class” features. For over 30 years, Inspiration has been setting industry benchmarks in over 30 countries. Expertly crafted, from the structural foundation to the exquisitely detailed final touches, every hot tub manufactured by Inspiration Spas is the perfect way to improve your health, rejuvenate mind and body, entertain friends and relax with family.

Every one of their models features an ergonomically enhanced design, along with a range of jets and controls engineered for optimal hydrotherapy. You’ll also enjoy the built-in multi-coloured LED lights that offer added benefits of chromatherapy.

They also understand that a hot tub for your home is a significant investment, so they’ve built every one of their hot tubs with materials that will last a lifetime. Plus, they’ve made maintenance and operating easier and less expensive, with a proprietary insulation and filtration system.

We know you’ll be thrilled with your new Inspiration Spas hot tub. 

A completely new soft tissue hot tub therapy experience.
Their Air X seat infuses the soft feel of air and water, by multiplying the air output for a jet stream that is both soft and powerful. By combining three flow patterns, sore muscles and tired joints are soothed and rejuvenated.

Industrial Strength Steel Frame Structure

With a precisely fitted, industrial strength galvanized steel frame, your new Inspiration hot tub endures a lifetime of durability and structural integrity.


Green Guard Rockwool Insulation Recirculates Energy

Every Inspiration Spa is insulated with proprietary Green Guard Rockwool Insulation.

This method of insulation captures and recirculates the hot tub’s own heat energy throughout the interior cabinet, reducing the demand on the heater – saving you money.

Other benefits of our proprietary insulation:

  • Won’t absorb or retain moisture, like traditional spray foam insulation does, preventing mold and mildew build-up

  • Superior noise absorption makes Inspiration hot tubs some of the quietest spas on the market.

  • Is inorganic and will not provide a food source necessary for bacteria or small animals to consume